May 2019

There’s no shortage of great food in Downtown Chicago. From hot dogs,italian beefs,deep dish pizza,tacos and more,you can always find something to eat downtown. Many residents of business apartments in the area don’t cook much and rely on these restaurants to get their daily meals. AMLI and The Streeter residents,to name a few,are often seen hitting the town at lunchtime to eat at one of many establishments. Here are a few of our favorites.


Many people who are health conscious like to keep lunch light and healthy,and that’s where Sweetgreen really shines. Put together your favorite veggies and select a dressing & protein and bam,you have a great lunch.


If you find yourself wandering around the River North neighborhood and have a craving for great italian,stop by Eataly,the italian supermarket that opened earlier this decade. The 3 floor store has something for everyone,including pizza,fish and deli sandwiches.

3 Greens Market

Many hospitality companies in Chicago have more than 2 or 3 great restaurants,and Hogsalt Hospitality is no exception. Stop by 3 Greens to check out their bugers,pastrami sandwiches and donuts from their various outposts.

Luke’s Lobster

Many people think that if they leave the coast that they’ll never have good lobster again,but at Luke’s Lobster,they take offense to the very idea. Check out this spot in the Loop for some fantastic lobster rolls.


Poke is becoming more and more popular in cities around the country,and Chicago is no exception. If you are a fan of raw fish and healthy,protein packed lunches in The Loop,check out Pokeworks.

Revival Food Hall

Revival Food Hall,located in The Loop’s National Building,is an upscale food hall that features restaurants from all over the city – perfect for those who want good,local food but not the long wait associated with it.

Young mothers,especially young single mothers,face an uphill battle when raising children and handling the home economy. More often than not,there are more bills than there are dollars left to pay them. Because of this tendency,there are a number of different debt relief programs that are marketed toward young mothers. However,not all of these options are created equally. It is important that young women who are mothers take the time out to investigate the pros and cons of each alternative before signing on the proverbial dotted line.

Bankruptcy Should Only Be a Last Ditch Effort
Once upon a time,bankruptcy was easier,more efficient and a bit less messy. Today,consumers and creditors both know better. The reality is that bankruptcy is the worst case scenario. Not only does it tie up your ability to finance anything for seven to ten years,it also eats up a significant portion of income paying down that debt over the terms. Bankruptcy makes those who use ituntouchablein the credit world for years to come.


Start Out By Assessing Your Credit
Young mothers who are seeking relief from enormous debt and credit problems must start out with a solid assessment of their current credit-worthiness. How much debt has been accumulated? How many dollars does it cost to maintain that debt on a monthly basis? What does that translate to on an annual basis? What kind of interest rate is attached to each debt? Are any of the bills already behind? How many times have payments been late over the last year?

For those who have significant debt but still have an unblemished credit rating,there are a number of different options that mothers can take advantage of. The most popular of these include credit counseling,credit consolidation and credit settlements.

Credit Counseling
Credit counseling is ideal as a debt relief program for young mothers when the mothers are not yet behind on any payments and aren’t in need of massive reductions in the debts that are being paid down. These programs are confidential and generally only impact credit histories in a positive manner. They do not,however,translate into any real significant savings. Despite this fact,credit counseling can be a welcome relief to young mothers needing to catch a break to get back ahead of the game.


Credit Consolidation
For young mothers who haven’t been late yet and have virtually unblemished credit but are burdened down with overwhelming debt,credit consolidation can be a real lifesaver. This is especially the case when the debt is associated with a high interest rate. Debt consolidation means that a loan is secured,at a low interest rate,to wrap up all of the high-interest debt under new terms and easier to manage payments. This means that multiple accounts and cards are all managed under one single payment,translating into fewer headaches and hassles for young mothers.

Debt Settlement Solutions
Debt settlement companies offer an aggressive solution to overwhelming debt and operates rapidly. In most cases,debt is paid off within 24 to 48 months. However,because of the way these reduced settlement amounts are negotiated,there is some degree of risk that delays could reflect poorly on credit histories. That said,it is a proven way to rapidly pay down debt while still operating under a convenient payment plan methodology that works with the demands young mothers already face in their personal budgets.


The Point Is To Get Educated About Debt Along the Way
About the only other option that hasn’t been explored yet is the method of simply making minimum payments and praying that one day,debts will magically disappear. Most everyone already knows that this simply doesn’t cut it. Debts grow. Minimum payments keep people drowning in debt for years over silly things like gasoline and fast food. The lesson behind debt relief programs for young mothers is teaching young mothers how to manage and accumulate debt responsibly.

By John Sage Melbourne

Motifs out there often transpire from sharp or abrupt occasions. Another source of typical opinion originates from forums as well as conferences of market leaders as well as professionals who after that show comparable outlook of the market.

Investment industries often can be found in as well as out of fashion as well as this can significantly affect the market. This occurred with oil supplies at the start of the 1980’s as well as internet supplies in extra current times. It may take place to bio-technology supplies at time in the future.

Background does repeat however …

Background does repeat,the market does focus on to the previous factor as well as presents the same overall general patterns. Yet the market almost never repeats itself in the same way! Each cycle is different,particularly in the important areas of timing as well as size.

The market likewise remembers its blunders from the last cycle therefore aberrations turn up out there in brand-new as well as unexpected forms.

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Will contrary opinion come to be as well preferred?

In contrast opinion is not a scientific research,it is an art form,requiring some degree of adaptability. Nevertheless,contrary opinion is not likely to become widely practiced since it involves creative thinking,as well as many people continue to favor to comply with as well as mimic,rather than show as well as develop their own analyses of the market information.

The majority will always discover it much easier to comply with the sights found in the newspapers as well as media than to think through a variety of alternative circumstances on their own. Anything that you have to strive at as well as think hard around is never mosting likely to become over preferred.

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The rising cost of living has led to many people going into debt. When you do not pay your debt on time,the interest rate accrues at a very high rate and before you realize it,the total amount owed is almost double the principle amount. In addition to that,late payments have negative effects on your credit score which will reduce your ability to borrow loans in the future. Listed below are viable debt relief tips that have been tested and proven to work.

Pay Down Debts

The first step that you can take is to pay off the debt with the highest interest rate,once you have cleared the high interest debt,move to the next debt with the highest interest rate and so on. This method enables you to improve your credit score. If you do not have enough cash to make the minimum monthly payment,consider taking up a part time job and use the money earned to clear your debts.


Do Not Use Your Credit Card to Purchase Necessities

When you start charging necessities,take it as a sign that you are heading the wrong direction. When your monthly income is credited to your bank account,make sure that you have bought all the necessities and leave out unnecessary luxuries. In so doing,you won’t have to use your credit card to pay for basic needs.


In today’s modern society,anything can happen. You can report to work one day only for the manager to tell you that you have been laid off. What will you do when that day comes? Therefore,it would be advisable to set aside a certain percentage of your total income in a trust fund. That money should only be used in case of emergencies.

Debt Negotiation

If you cannot afford to pay what you owe on time,it would be advisable to contact your creditors. You can call them and negotiate for a lower interest rate; this will prevent your debt from accumulating. This may be the best option for you if you are in a serious debt. Most creditors will agree to debt negotiation since they want to recover a part of their money.


Mortgage Refinance

You can consider a home equity loan to clear your debts. This strategy can be used if you are certain that you can pay for your expenses without accumulating more debt. You must have accumulated significant equity if you are to settle for this option.

Credit Counseling

The counselors will assist you to manage your finances. They will help you to create a budget which will enable you to save to pay off what you owe. Before selecting a counselor you should check that they are BBB accredited,also ensure that they do not charge high fees.

Adjust Attitude Towards Spending

The leading cause of debt is buying stuff you don’t need. Therefore,if you are a shopaholic,it’s high time you quit that bad habit. The general rule is asking yourself whether you really need what you are buying. If you don’t,then there is no need to pay hundreds of dollars for it.


By John Sage Melbourne

Never enter an financial investment impatient for economic results. Time can not be removed from effective financial investment any more than it can be removed from life.

Keep in mind that also if a present investments chance is missed,there will certainly constantly be another. The best financial investment choices are constantly made when the odds are in your favour.

Long-term capitalists that desire to acquire undervalued assets,usually have to keep the persistence to wait up until the marketplace rates is beneficial. The very first principle of persistence as a result can be the persistence not to get involved in the marketplace ahead of time.This is additionally very true of getting in the marketplace after a substantial down turn. Usually the marketplace still has time to address all-time low.

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Client investing generally means successful investing

If you enter the investments markets with an positive and also soundly reasoned sight,the possibilities are that it will certainly pay.The point is long-lasting planning. It is much more crucial to decide how much danger you intend to take,how much cash you fit investing and also where you intend to invest than concern regarding what is mosting likely to terrify the marketplace tomorrow.

Staying the course

It is usually challenging to have a solid sight of the long-lasting pattern of the marketplace. Nonetheless,once you do,it is generally very ill-advised to place on your own versus the pattern. Keep in mind: the pattern is your close friend.

The group is generally right through the length of the pattern out there,but generally the group gets the transforming point out there wrong. Once an opinion is developed,it is copied by the majority. The majority,including the professionals,usually obtain the transforming point out there wrong,usually due to the fact that the marketplace goes well past what is practical or sensible. The majority opinion usually comes to be the conviction of the marketplace,long after the initial reason for the marketplace pattern,to ensure that the marketplace comes to be progressively a growing number of mispriced.

This is due to the fact that capitalists tend to relocate groups and also are driven by the herd instinct desire for instant riches. Individuals besides the group mindset tend to run much more reasonably.

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